Evolutionary Biology Online Journal Club

Google+ page and first meeting


hey everyone!

First, thank you all for the interest and for helping spread the word. We’ve already had a good response and some really cool paper suggestions. And if you haven’t signed up yet – fear not! There’s still time! just follow the link to the previous post and introduce yourself.

So we’ve got a couple things going already:

  • First, meeting time. It seems like Tuesday 5PM EST (10PM England, Friday Wednesday 9AM New Zealand) is the time that works best for most of us. How does that sound? That may change as others get involved, but I agree with Morgan that we should try to set a date and stick with it, but I guess we can see how it works the first day and go from there. So the first meeting of the #EBJClub will be Tuesday, September 18th. All in favor say “Aye”!
  • Second, since we will be using Google+ Hangouts for our meetings, I’ve created a Group Page in G+ for the journal club. You should all add it to your circles, it will make it easier for get everyone invited for the hangouts and all that.

I’ll leave it a couple more days until I put the poll up to choose the paper, to see if anyone else gets interested – or if those of us already in have any additional suggestions.

Good start! I’m really excited with the response and feel like this will turn out great!


Author: Rafael Maia

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Idaho, studying the development and evolution of iridescent colors in birds.

8 thoughts on “Google+ page and first meeting

  1. Aye from NZ! But it will be Wednesday here and not Friday! =) (We are not that far into the future)

  2. Aye! (said in the voice of Happy, the cat)

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