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What should we read?

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So it seems like we gained some good momentum this last couple days: we already have 15 people interested in joining the discussion and a good, diverse list of readings! (if you haven’t joined yet, you are obviously still welcome – just say “hi” over here!)

In the next couple days, we should figure out our reading list for the upcoming weeks. I have set a survey that will allow us to rank the paper suggestions according to our interests. We have something like 15 papers suggested, and by my count if we meet once every other week, we should have something like 7 meetings until the end of the semester and the year. Therefore we have two choices: we either meet more frequently (every week) or we have to be quite selective about what we read. On one hand, I know everyone’s pretty busy, I don’t want to burden everyone with a strong weekly commitment. On the other, we have a quite awesomely long list of interested people, so maybe we can have weekly meetings with a greater rotation of participants.

We can think about this as we go and after we have the first meeting – I’m just going to remind everyone that this Journal Club can only exist and be successful if you participate in the meetings and the discussion! =) We might not be reading your recommendation in a given week and you might not be all that interested in that discussion, but the whole point of a journal club is to get us out of our confort zones and reading things we might not necessarily read on our own, that will lead to interesting and unexpected discussions!

Let’s choose our readings! I have set a survey at SurveyMonkey in which all papers recommended so far are listed. You can rank the papers according to your interest. I have also asked for your name with the answers, just as a measure of controlling that participants are the ones voting. I won’t hold your choices against you, I promise. =)

Follow this link to rank the papers and vote! Like I said above, we only have ~7 meeting times until the end of the semester (unless we change our meeting schedule), so I propose that we choose the 5 top ranking papers to read for the Journal Club, one for each week. This way we can leave one or two spots for cool stuff that might come out in the following months that we’d like to read, or just go down to the next top ranking papers if we want to. Depending on how the discussions go, there’s also the option of reading more than one paper a week.

Anyways, I’m open to suggestions about these, so just comment below if you have any ideas!

Voting is open until Saturday – I will post the results on Sunday!


Author: Rafael Maia

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Idaho, studying the development and evolution of iridescent colors in birds.

One thought on “What should we read?

  1. Done! I don’t feel too bad now for not sending some suggestions. It seems that you guys had plenty of interesting reads picked!

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