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Reading for Tuesday, Sep 18

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Hello everybody!

Grey Groshawk (photo: Aviceda, via Wikimedia commons)

I have finished organizing and analyzing the rankings for the papers that you have submitted, and there is a clear winner for the paper you want to read the most – the Nature paper by Hugall & Stuart-Fox on the “accelerated speciation in colour-polymorphic birds. (if you don’t have access to download the paper, please let me know in the comments). This paper was the clear best ranked one, independent of the criteria I used to rank the papers, so we’ll start with that. I want to wait for the first meeting to decide on which criteria we’re going to stick with to decide the order of the next papers. There was some expected spread in the rankings and the choice changes depending on how I proceed: there was a good number of voters (one third) that did not introduce themselves in the first post, but who are following the group page in Google+. I want to get a good sense of the participation before I decide on anything (if you can’t join for our first meeting but plan to join later on, please let me know in the comments).

So, we will be meeting this Tuesday to discuss the Hugall & Stuart-Fox paper, at 5PM EST! See you then!

IMPORTANT: It seems like Google+ Hangouts won’t work well for our meeting, because the interest in the group generated an amazing response and unfortunately G+ Hangouts are limited to 10 participants (yes, say it out loud: we are too big for google! feels good, doesn’t it? =) ). I think I have an alternative, which I’ve tested and seems to work great, but I want to test-drive it again Monday. More information tomorrow!


Author: Rafael Maia

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Idaho, studying the development and evolution of iridescent colors in birds.

One thought on “Reading for Tuesday, Sep 18

  1. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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