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#EBJClub Season 2: Topic & Date decision


OK, so it seems that we’ll be discussing papers on speciation / evolutionary radiations this season! While discussing a broad-topic book like the one Devin suggested would be really cool, and something we should definitely try soon (either Fall or maybe a summer session?) I am very excited both for the topic and the people that have been expressing interest in joining the discussion. Our group might end up being super diverse and having ecologists, taxonomists, molecular biologists, etc, which will bring an array of interesting perspectives to the discussion!

So the best day for everyone seems to be Monday, but I’m a bit confused by the time, because they are half-hour slots but we’ll probably need a full hour, and many of you marked 5:00PM but not 5:30PM – I’m not sure if I should interpret that as meaning that an hour-long discussion starting at 5PM EST and going until 6PM EST wouldn’t work? In any case, almost everyone that did mark times around that slot marked both the 4:30 and 5PM slots, so we will be meeting Mondays, either at 4:30 or 5PM 🙂 (those of you that marked the 5PM slot but not the 5:30PM, let us know in the comments if that’s because you really can’t do the 5-6 hour. If we can start at 5 that would make my life a lot easier 😉 )

In the comments section, I suggested we start off with the 1998 paper by Kevin de Queiroz titled “The general lineage concept of species, species criteria, and the process of speciation: A conceptual unification and terminological recommendations”. It’s actually a chapter from the book “Endless Forms: Species and Speciation” (I have the PDF if you can’t find it, though it’s a crappy scan, if someone has a high-quality one let us know!), so it’s a bit long. I must confess that I’m not really a specialist in speciation so I don’t know if this is a good start, but it seemed so to me when I decided to start studying the topic. But I’m happy to take suggestions. We’ll decide on the further readings after the first meeting.

To give us enough time to read the 20-so pages of the chapter, I suggest we have our first meeting on Monday February 4th. How does that sound? It also seems that we might have more than 10 people joining for the discussion (which is the limit for Google+ Hangouts). Morgan and I have been looking at other options, so stay tuned. But in any case, make sure you encircle us on Google+ – it’s the only way we can invite you to the videochat.

Any suggestions or comments below!


Author: Rafael Maia

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Idaho, studying the development and evolution of iridescent colors in birds.

5 thoughts on “#EBJClub Season 2: Topic & Date decision

  1. Monday works great for me. I can do a 4:30 or 5PM EST start time. I think we would need at least an hour to have a fruitful discussion. I’m excited for our first meeting Feb 4th!

  2. So stoked! I’m good for either time too, and agree we need an hour! Who is going to ‘lead’ this one? Do we think the person who leads should also try to do a blog post, or have another person do a follow up post?

  3. Cool – earlier works better for me, so 4:30 suits (by 5 is do-able too)

    If Rafael doesn’t want to take the lead I’m happy to – I use the GLSC as the intro to about half of my talks so I’m quite used to talking about it 🙂

  4. Sounds like you just volunteered!

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