Evolutionary Biology Online Journal Club

Information for the first meeting – and some exciting news!


Hello everyone! Hope you’re all as excited as I am for our first meeting a week from now! So here are some important information for us to get ready:

  • As mentioned earlier, we’ll be reading the paper by Kevin de Queiroz: “The general lineage concept of species, species criteria, and the process of speciation: A conceptual unification and terminological recommendations”. if you haven’t yet, you can download the paper here (thanks everyone who sent it to me!)
  • Our meeting time will be Monday February 4th at 4:30PM EST. I’ll probably be connected a little earlier to make sure everything is working, because…
  • Shindig.com has been SUPER AWESOME and has decided to host our journal club! I’m not sure if they’ll let us use their platform for the whole semester or just for this first meeting, but in any case, I’m really excited! Shindig is an amazing platform for videochat that will allow us to surpass the 10 people limit imposed by Google+ Hangouts. If you saw the “Carl Zimmer & Ed Yong talk science” event last year, you know how awesome it is. Anyone can join, even just to watch, and up to 20 people can be active in a conversation, which should be more than enough for our needs! Everything should work out pretty much as usual: no need to install any software, just go to the event page at the time of the meeting and everything should work smoothly from there.
  • On the event page, there’s an RSVP button. If you’re planning on joining us for the discussion, it’s probably a good idea to RSVP – it will probably help the folks at Shindig to have an idea of the demand and the server requirements for it to run smoothly.

I really want to thank Morgan Jackson for suggesting and contacting the people at Shindig, and Yusang Lee from Shindig who was extremely prompt and helpful.   If you’re not familiar with Shindig and want to get an idea of what to expect, here are a couple of useful links:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 5.50.33 PM


Author: Rafael Maia

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Idaho, studying the development and evolution of iridescent colors in birds.

2 thoughts on “Information for the first meeting – and some exciting news!

  1. Will the chat room still exist for this discussion? I was hoping to participate in the verbal discussion, but will likely be showing up late and don’t want to disturb everyone.

    • Hi Mason. I need to check but I think Shindig offers text chat. The format of the platform will be a bit different than it was in G+ (I’ll try to post on it today), but I just wanted to go ahead and let you know that in the Shindig platform if you show up late it’s not going to be a problem – you’ll be able to sneak in unnoticed! 🙂

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