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Planning our second meeting


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It seems from the poll that most of you would like to go back to Google+ Hangouts after our first meeting, so we’ll do that for next time. Make sure you add our google+ page to your circles, otherwise you won’t get the invitation for the videochat!

Remember that even if you didn’t join the first meeting, you’re more than welcome to join the following ones! Just introduce yourself in the forum page!

Now we need to decide on a topic and a volunteer to lead the discussion. I made a list of topics that were brought up:

  • Speciation and Taxonomy 
  • Sympatry, allopatry and the geography of speciation
  • Ecological speciation and adaptive radiations
  • The genomics of speciation (the Ficedula flycatcher paper might be a good starting point)
  • Population genetics, demography, and speciation
  • Sexual selection, behavior, speciation and non-adaptive radiations (sneaked this one in!)
  • Cospeciation and coevolution

We can add more topics as they are suggested, but if we’re meeting every other meeting those topics could well fill our schedule. Let me know if they sound good or if there are some of these you’re not really that interested in as well!

I got a couple links that might provide us inspiration for topics and/or ideas for papers:

So now we need volunteers and paper suggestions! I agree with Sam that we should rather have a Taxonomy-centered discussion sooner than later, so if nobody volunteers until tomorrow I’ll just go ahead and “volunteer” Morgan Jackson to choose a paper and lead the discussion 🙂

We should have a paper chosen by Monday the latest, giving us a week before next meeting on Monday February 18th, 4:30PM EST!


Author: Rafael Maia

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Idaho, studying the development and evolution of iridescent colors in birds.

4 thoughts on “Planning our second meeting

  1. I’ll figure out something for Ecological speciation and adaptive radiations, as it would be the best fit for me. But probably your ordering of topics is correct and both Speciation and Taxonomy and Sympatry, allopatry and the geography of speciation should come first… so that puts me on Monday, March 18th, right?

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