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Archive of Papers Discussed

Below is an archive of the papers we have discussed to date, with links to our recorded video discussions. We will try to keep this archive updated, but if (read: when) we fall behind, you can always find a link to each paper somewhere in the main thread of the blog, and all the video discussions are archived here.

Disclaimer: if you are citing any of these papers, I advise against copying-and-pasting the references below. The references are not in any particular format, and though we do our best, we cannot ensure that they are 100% accurate and free of typos.

Season 2: Speciation (February-May 2013)

2.3: Geography of Speciation (video discussion)

a) Fitzpatrick, B. M., Fordyce, J. A. and Gavrilets, S. (2008). What, if anything, is
sympatric speciation?. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 21: 1452–1459.
b) Mallet,  J., Meyer, A., Nosil, P.  Feder, J. L. (2009). Space, sympatry and
speciation. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 22: 2332–2341.

2.2: Consistency and Consensus in Taxonomy (video discussion)

a) Vane-Wright, R.I. (2003). Indifferent Philosophy versus Almighty Authority:
on consistency, consensus and unitary taxonomy. Systematics and Biodiversity
1(1): 3-11. doi:10.1017/S1477200003001063 (PDF here)
b) Godfray, H.C.J. (2002). Challenges for taxonomy. Nature, 417: 17–19.
doi:10.1038/417017a (PDF here)

2.1: Overview of Species Concepts (and how they relate to each other)

de Queiroz, K. (1998). “The general lineage concept of species, species criteria,
and the process of speciation.”  in  Howard, Daniel J., and Stewart
H. Berlocher, eds. Endless forms: species and speciation.
Oxford University Press, USA, 1998.
(no video of discussion available–sorry)

Season 1: Assorted Topics (September-November 2012)

Brian K. Hall, Ryan Kerney. (2011). Levels of Biological Organization and
the Origin of NoveltyJournal of Experimental Zoology B: Molecular and
Developmental Evolution
 318(6): 428-437.
(video discussion)

Douglas J. Emlen, Ian A. Warren, Annika Johns, Ian Dworkin, Laura Corley Lavine.
(2012). A Mechanism of Extreme Growth and Reliable Signaling in Sexually
Selected Ornaments and WeaponsScience 337(6096): 860-864.
(video discussion)

Forister, M.L., Gompert, Z., Nice, C.C., Forister, G.W. and Fordyce, J.A. (2011).
Ant association facilitates the evolution of diet breadth in a lycaenid butterfly.
Proc Roy Soc B 278: 1539-1547.
(R code graciously provided by the author can be found here)
(video discussion)

Peter Nonacs. (2011). Kinship, greenbeards, and runaway social selection in the
evolution of social insect cooperationPNAS 108, Supplement 2.
(video discussion)

Andrew F. Hugall,  Devi Stuart-Fox. (2012). Accelerated speciation in colour-
 birdsNature 485: 631-634.
(video discussion)