Evolutionary Biology Online Journal Club


I figured we needed a separate page where new participants could introduce themselves and we all can interact with each other as part of a single contiguous comments thread, so… Welcome to the #EBJClub members’ forum! Unfortunately, there’ s no way (that I know of) to move comments from other pages, so anyone who had previously introduced themselves in our very first blog post can copy-and-paste here if they would like. To get the ball rolling, I’ll introduce myself (again).


9 thoughts on “Forum

  1. Howdy! My name is Sam Evans, and I am an MSc candidate in biology in my final semester (dun dun DUN) at the University of Akron. I specialize in the evolutionary ecology of arthropods, particularly spiders, and am broadly interested in evolutionary theory and statistics.

  2. My name is Maria Poujai and I will soon finish my Psychology B.Sc. at the University of Geneva. I am interested in comparative cognition, social behaviour and psychophysiology. Inferential statistics are my guilty pleasure.

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  4. Hello, My name is Diego Solarte from Cali-Colombia. I’m a Master’s student in Biological Sciences at the Univeridad del Valle, currently I’m working on the genetic analysis of hybrid zones of the red mangrove hybrid complex. This on-line journal club it’s an excellent idea and I’m very exited about it.

  5. Hi I am Adriana I am in my first year of PhD and I am interested in Evolution and mechanisms of sp
    eciation issues.

  6. Hey
    I’m Ryan. I’m finishing up my final year of MSc in Zoology/Molecular Ecology on a lacertid species. I’m interested in pretty much anything biology-related.

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